Creating new opportunities.
Corporate partnerships are mutually beneficial to both parties

All corporate partnerships are carefully considered. The companies must share our values, whilst providing benefits to our customers and furthering our business objectives. Our corporate partners include online and offline companies who’s business offering supports our own. In return for sharing and promoting our products to their audience we will endeavour to do the same.

Research Partners
We partner with the worlds leading research organisations to innovate our cutting-edge medical technology. We utilise our technology to make leading biomedical sensor garments and analysing software for researchers that are leading to medical breakthroughs that save and improve lives. We can work with these researchers to develop the technology needed, alongside developing the body of clinical evidence for the medical and beneficial uses of wearable technology.
Leading the way in research.

Our products are scientifically proven to enhance physical output and recovery, we work with our research partners to refine our products and technologies, ensuring they remain at the cutting edge of wearable sports tech.

Clinical Partners
KYMIRA works with Partners across the UK and online to further enhance and change lives.
Working with clinics to help physical therapy and rehabilitation.

We partner with clinics to compliment their physiotherapy and rehabilitation programmes with our KYMIRA infrared products and we are proud to say they are also KYMIRA stockists.

At the heart of the KYMIRA® brand are three core values that together make us strong, unique and forever moving forward.
We want our products to be available for purchase as easily as possible.

Our stockists hold a range of our products which are suitable to their clientele, offering the best products alongside the best advice and support.

Pushing the limits of performance
Our athlete’s greatest moments are our greatest moments!

Through our brand athlete program, KYMIRA® Sport seeks to support and promote athletes who require support in order to achieve their potential. By supporting athletes who need help the most we can support them through their sweat and tears, helping them fight through their challenges to achieve their best.

Partnership Opportunities
Please get in touch to discuss partnerships with us