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KYMIRA® Sport supports athletes to achieve more through our infrared sports performance and recovery apparel. The technology implemented in these products utilises the body’s wasted energy to create infrared. When worn, the infrared apparel benefits the body, enhancing performance and accelerating recovery. This is the primary retail division of KYMIRA® which helps to fund R&D.
KYMIRA® Medical supports and improves life and wellbeing whilst gaining data and research for medical advancement. The infrared technology is utilised through garments which can aid and support recovery and prevent injury when worn. In this medical application, the products can benefit the body before, during and after surgery. Ailments such as Raynaud's and muscle injury can also be treated by wearing the clothing to relieve pain and recovery through increased local circulation and muscle support.
KYMIRA® Golf supports golfers to play at their best, more comfortably, and for longer. The infrared technology in this golf range sets it apart from any other, and users of the kit can benefit from pain relief, increased muscular flexibility and range of motion, a high SPF rating, and alleviation of common golfing ailments such as back pain and golfer’s elbow.
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