KYMIRA have partnered with HEART UK – The Cholesterol Charity to promote healthier living

Performance and recovery enhancing sportswear company, KYMIRA Sport, has partnered with HEART UK to raise funds and awareness for The Cholesterol Charity.

October 2018 will see National Cholesterol Month which HEART UK hopes will raise £50,000. The charity is challenging entrants to take part in a 100 mile Great Cholesterol Challenge. KYMIRA Sport is delighted to be working in partnership with HEART UK to take part in the challenge and thereby help raise valuable funds. In addition, KYMIRA Sport will also be supporting HEART UK at the following four events: Ski/Snow Festival, The National Running Show, The Scottish Cycling, Running & Outdoor pursuits show. Delegates will be encouraged to join KYMIRA members and brand ambassadors to cycle 100 miles on a static bike located at KYMIRA’s stand during the exhibition periods. What’s more for each order sold during the exhibitions, KYMIRA will donate £1 to HEART UK.

Tim Brownstone, CEO and Founder at KYMIRA UK said: “We are delighted to be partnering with HEART UK as we believe passionately in staying physically fit and adopting a healthy lifestyle. We hope that by increasing awareness more lives can be saved. We look forward to what we hope is a long and fruitful partnership.”

“A healthy lifestyle including regular exercise can help keep cholesterol levels at bay, and reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes. We are delighted to partner with KYMIRA Sport, as we believe  its focus on fitness is aligned with our guidance on the importance of exercise in helping to maintain healthy cholesterol levels,” explains Jules Payne, CEO of HEART UK.

Using ‘KYnergy’ technology to harness the wearer’s waste and latent energy to convert it into Far Infrared Radiation (FIR), KYMIRA’s garments have been scientifically proven to increase the production of nitric oxide which, coupled with increased blood circulation, is responsible for a variety of positive effects.

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