Innovate UK Grant Win

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been awarded a grant by @InnovateUK, which will contribute towards the development and production of a wearable biosensing monitoring solution. This marks our third grant win from Innovate UK, and their continued support enables us to bring live saving technologies to market – and to those end users who need them – even sooner.

KYMIRA is working in collaboration with, Dycotec Materials and CPI to develop a scalable industrial method to produce and integrate flexible electronic systems into garments for remote biosensing and monitoring within professional sports and healthcare. Unlike previous solutions, these smart garments will be durable, washable, comfortable to wear and made recyclable at end-of-life.

Incorporating electronics into fabrics presents significant challenges, as conventional clothing will go through considerable rigours, stresses, and strains during its lifetime. This project will build on extensive prior knowledge developed by all partners, providing the knowhow to create manufacturable e-textiles that boast durability under a multitude of demanding conditions.

The key objectives our work are:

  • DYCOTEC: Formulate new, robust, washable inks, adhesives and encapsulants for wearable technology
  • CPI: Scale up production and assembly of electronics to industrially relevant volumes
  • KYMIRA: Design, develop and test the smart garment, working with key clients to ensure products meet market requirements

The consortium aims to develop demonstrable prototypes for exploitation activities thereafter.

Integrating electronics into everyday clothing using the technology developed in this project could drastically increase adoptability and bring about significant and positive changes to modern society. It’s our firm belief that the variety of challenges a smart garment-based biosensing platform could solve cannot be overstated.

Every three minutes someone in the UK will have a heart attack. Heart and circulatory system diseases account for over 160,000 UK deaths per year and a staggering third of all deaths globally.

Monitoring of the heart’s electrical activity is crucial in order to detect and record the presence of cardiac anomalies and act before it progressed to the point of a medical emergency – not only saving lives but also healthcare costs. Existing solutions have proven insufficient and are dependent on professionals to fit devices and interpret data – which is a demand on their often limited time & resources. A wearable solution that is as easy to put on as conventional clothing provides a solution in healthcare with constant monitoring, as well as automated diagnosis using connected, powerful digital tools such as machine learning.

The partnerships created through this project and the technology advancement open up significant revenue streams for the commercial partners, all of whom have established client bases and existing routes-to-market which will be leveraged to accelerate commercial adoption for this solution in their respective market sectors.

The project is scheduled to start in October 2020 and will have a total budget of £415,711 over 18 months across all collaborators.

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