Kymira® is a life-conscious technology company with the fundamental aim of enhancing and saving people’s lives through innovation.
Welcome to the new era powered by progress

Kymira® is one of the world's leading smart textile companies and a multi-award-winning innovator. The team strive to solve and improve large societal issues and are working in partnership with leading institutions to research cutting edge wearable technologies and e-textiles, before commercialising these and bringing revolutionary technological products to market. The company works within the Medical, Sport, Military and Space verticals, across Business and consumer markets; blending technology with biology in perfect synergy, releasing and enhancing human potential.

Our Mission
Through our research, innovation and realised technologies, Kymira's® mission to save or positively impact 1,000,000 lives by 2030.
Innovation is at Kymira’s® core

Having helped with the breakthrough of a technological textile while at University, inspired by a NASA paper on growing cells in Space, a former athlete and biochemist’ dream to create medical products to help people and save lives grew; Kymira® was born. With a radical business model, Kymira® utilises technologies within human performance in sport, collecting data and generating revenue to pay for ongoing medical research and certifications to commercialise its medical devices. Kymira® strives to make the world a better place in all it does, for those who work with the company, and for the lives it touches. Our Promise: We will always strive to be the best, to deliver the best products and to continually innovate.

Technology that is making its mark

6 patents, 3 trademarks and 6 trade secrets to our name and counting. 2 established product lines and 3 e-textile product lines launching within the foreseeable future. Kymira® is utilising the most worldwide cutting-edge nano and microelectronic production techniques to develop our scaled e-textile production.

Working with recognised and reputable institutions, responsibly

Kymira® works with leading institutions such as The UK and European Space Agencies, Innovate UK, leading Universities and NHS Trusts, to research, innovate and clinically validate our new technologies and products. We do our utmost to conduct our business in a sustainable manner; sourcing 95% of our product manufacture in the UK, 100% of our print and POS materials locally in Reading and 100% of our R&D currently takes place across several sites in the UK.

Global-leading products, used and trusted universally; When it counts

Our products are used across the Medical, Sport, Space, Defence and Research arenas. Medical professionals and patients; Space agencies; Elite defence units; Researchers finding the edge of knowledge; Olympic athletes, international sports teams, and recreational athletes alike, even world record holders!

A multi award-winning company determined to change the world

We have been fortunate enough to be recognised for our hard work. Innovate UK identified Kymira® as a future unicorn company and we have won numerous awards including being identified as one of the 50 companies in the world by the Kairos Fund; one of the world’s top 20 clean technologies by Web Summit & Accenture; and one of the fastest growing UK exporters. Kymira® and its Founder and CEO, Tim Brownstone, has also received awards and recognition from entities such as the Institute of Directors, Forbes, and Barclays, with titles including ‘Director of the Year for Innovation; ‘Tech SME of the Year’; and “Best Male Entrepreneur”.

We invite you to be part of the mission

Profits from sales of our products are reinvested into new medical research to help achieve our goal of positively impacting or saving 1,000,000 lives by 2030. In addition, Kymira® has secured in excess of £2,660,000 grant funding from bodies such as Innovate UK; we are proud to have been awarded 9 Innovate UK grants over 5 years towards our ground-breaking research. Furthermore, Kymira® has welcomed shareholders to the family, raising £5.2M in external investment, supporting to grow the skilled Kymira® team and speeding up the development of its new life saving technologies.

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