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We are developing the smart garments of tomorrow
for a cleaner, safer, healthier planet.





Kymira® is a life-conscious technology company with the fundamental aim of enhancing people’s lives through innovation…and we have only just begun.

We are breaking through the barriers of today’s conventions to make the future a better place for everyone.

By blending technology with biology in perfect harmony we are able to release and enhance the limitless potential of human ability.  Utilising our patented technology, our wearable products are a technology platform which reacts and interacts with the human body to convert heat into energy and information.

These smart garments are currently disrupting the sports and medical retail markets while further tests for use by the military and for space exploration are taking our company into the future.

Through our smart garments, we enhance the performance of athletes, aid circulation, accelerate recovery, monitor and report on human well-being.

Our Mission

Through the strategic development of interlinked research strands, our realised technologies will help Kymira® make tomorrow a cleaner, safer, healthier world.

To create positive change across the globe by utilising the talents and resources at our disposal.

By optimising our methods and refining them we will produce the highest quality products that we can.

We do our utmost to conduct our business in a sustainable manner; sourcing 95% of our product manufacture in the UK, 100% of our print and POS materials locally in Reading and 100% of our R&D currently takes place across several sites in the UK.

Our Promise: We will always strive to be the best, to deliver the best products and to continually innovate.

Brand values

At the heart of the Kymira® brand are three core values that together make us strong, unique and forever moving forward.

  • Progression – We believe in the power of progress. By realising and harnessing human potential at every opportunity, our products protect and enhance us.
  • Innovation – Innovation is at the core of everything we do. We continually innovate within our product range to deliver benefits to human performance through technology.
  • Wellbeing – Our focus is enhancing and improving human wellbeing. We blend technology with biology to support human life.

Our Innovation

We continually innovate throughout our product range, delivering technological benefits to human performance. We are focused on human wellbeing. Our products protect and enhance our wearers from the space station to the unborn child. We believe in the power of progress. This means realising and harnessing human potential at every opportunity.

Meet the Management Team

Tim Brownstone

Tim Brownstone

Founder & CEO

Phil Kunovski

Phil Kunovski


Aston Lincoln

Aston Lincoln

Head of Marketing

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